Associate Teachers at Sceptre College

An Associate Teacher (AT) is a professional who supports and assists the senior teachers in instructional purposes and carry out the educational plans for each class and subject. ATs help teachers complete the teaching assignments, conduct extra classes, manage examinations and provide help to students in understanding the subject matter wherever any student faces a problem. Associate Teachers help students resolve their problems through interactive one on one sessions. They strive to provide positive learning and guidance techniques to students, along with handling and conducting extra classes.

At Sceptre College we have a dedicated team of Associate Teachers for extra assistance in any A Level subject. Associate Teachers are available during college hours, and specific timing can be set with them and built into the students’ timetable. Along with revising what has already been taught to the students by the senior faculty, Associate Teachers can also help students prepare for their monthly tests, exams and to make up for some missed work. Whether it is one-on-one sessions or group sessions, the Associate Teacher programme is a service provided to all our students free of charge in alignment with our strict “No Private Tuition” policy. We strongly believe that this can benefit any and every student who strives for academic excellence.