Farisa Asjad

We are excited to introduce Farisa Asjad, the latest addition to our highly qualified Science Faculty. Get ready for an exciting experience where through Virtual Reality we will change Science as you know it!

Redefining education

Nisha Ghumro reveals her philosophy and ideology to recreate an education system that caters to the needs of the modern world. At Sceptre, every student will benefit from the vast variety of courses being offered with the incorporation of the VR technology and a state of the art library.

Come join us, as we embark on a journey of knowledge and unique experiences!

Mrs. Fazilat Ishtiaq

We are proud to have on board Mrs. Fazilat Ishtiaq as our English Literature teacher and Academic Counselor.

Mr. Fawad Yousuf

We are happy to have Mr. Fawad Yousuf on board to teach Economics at Sceptre. He shares some thoughts with us in this video.

Mr. Safwan Subzwari

We are excited to present to you Mr. Safwan Subzwari, our Media Studies teacher. Hear what he has to say.

Mr. M. Omar Akram

We are thrilled to introduce you to Mr. Omar Akram, our Physics teacher. Hear what he has to say.