Nadeem Islam


Sceptre College

Message From The Principal

At Sceptre College, our vision is to create a platform for students where they can realize their full potential by providing them premium class education.  All our actions are guided by the fact that all students have a set of innate capabilities that need to come to the forefront for them to turn their hopes and aspirations into reality.  We help them through their journey of self-discovery and realization to unearth their aptitude and strengths by providing opportunities to showcase their talents, skills and abilities.

Our first and foremost objective, therefore, is to create a strong academic culture.  Highly experienced and dedicated faculty deliver the highest quality education and mentorship, both in and out of classrooms.  Using modern technology, well equipped science and computer labs and virtual reality the lectures go beyond the confines of the prescribed syllabus, thereby generating interest, inquiry and debate in the subject.  All this helps in developing students’ analytical and cognitive skills which will hold them in good stead as they pursue university education and beyond.  To further strengthen the academics, we have a very robust academic support programme which the Associate Teachers provide to the students.  One–on-one, or in small groups, these classes target specific academic needs of the students in a formal and informal environment.  The “study zones”, “silent zones” and the library provide areas where students can concentrate on their studies individually, while separate “group discussion” tables allow the students to do collaborative work.

To complement the strong academics, there is a very comprehensive co-curricular programme that is offered to the students to help in imparting and enhancing their soft skills, from learning languages such as Chinese, French and German, to student run societies which include public speaking, entrepreneurship, event management, community service, math and science education, societal awareness, reading and writing clubs etc. The objective of all these societies is to develop the students’ personalities, confidence, maturity and knowledge so that we nurture the young minds of today to become leaders of tomorrow.

The system of Houses, namely, Leon, Bellator, Regiis and Draco, all portray traits and characteristics of a true warrior.  Confident, strong, competitive, loyal, disciplined, responsible, active and brave.  These are the values we aim to instill in our students.  So the House Spirit inculcates competition and a strong will to excel in whatever our students do. As our students leave the four walls of their alma mater and take their rightful place in the world of the future, they will truly be recognized as SCEPTRE WARRIORS.