Sceptre is an A Level College that offers the option of a custom-made learning experience for each student. International standards for entering top universities around the globe typically demand a two year A Level programme which comprises of one AS Level year and one A2 Level year. At Sceptre, we provide the flexibility of joining the college at AS Level or A2 Level (provided students have their relevant AS Level grades in order) as well as students who wish to re-take their A Level examinations to have a better chance at securing a place in their desired university. Our counselling departments, which consists of academic, university, personal and sports counselling, are available all year round to assist our students during their time at Sceptre College.


Sceptre offers admission at AS Level where students are required to choose a minimum of THREE subjects, and one mandatory co-curricular module aimed at equipping students with soft skills that will significantly enhance their personalities and help them maintain a human quality that no machine in the world can replace. Students may opt to take more than three A Level courses. With fierce competition at a handful of reputable universities internationally and locally, taking more than three A Level subjects can provide an advantage for students over those who take the minimum three courses, by presenting a more competitive and concrete student portfolio. As a college that promotes utilizing each individual’s potential to the fullest, Sceptre is happy to provide options that do not limit one’s capabilities. One such option is the Accelerated Programme. Accelerated courses, such as Urdu, are completed in one year instead of the traditional two year period given for other subjects in the A Level programme. Students who strive to achieve their highest academic potential may benefit from taking an accelerated course at AS level as it challenges themselves to work under pressure and manage workload in less time, helping to prepare them for the rigorous curriculum of further intensive study. Completing an A Level course in half the time, as the accelerated courses allow, also enables students to relieve some of the pressure they may face in their final year at A Level, when emphasis is also placed on university applications and choosing career paths as well as scoring the highest possible marks in their final A2 examinations. Students may choose to complete their AS Level year by taking three or more regular courses, three or more accelerated courses, or a combination of both. As students progress to the second year of the programme, A2 Level, they carry on with at least three of their AS Level subjects. If three or more accelerated courses are completed, the student would have graduated from the A Level programme directly after AS Level. Students will also get a chance to choose a new mandatory co-curricular course in A2, or take an advanced class of the same co-curricular course. A certification will be offered to the students at the end of both years to attest and endorse their achievements in the co-curricular programme.


A college is one that surpasses the limitations of a school and provides equal opportunities to everyone. Thus, Sceptre also offers admissions to A2 students. This applies to students transferring from other A Level colleges as well as private candidates who have taken AS Level examinations. Each student is required to study a minimum of three A2 subjects, carried on from their AS Level year, and one mandatory co-curricular course. Any accelerated courses taken in the first year reduces the amount of courses carried on in A2. Second year students may find it beneficial to take accelerated courses if they are unhappy with their AS Level grade in a specific subject, or if they would like to choose a brand new subject to study. The second year of A Level is a critical period in shaping each student’s future, when university applications need to be supervised vigilantly. Sceptre’s University Counselling department is there to guide every individual A2 student with opting for the right universities, meeting university application deadlines and making the best career choices. Our hope is that the combination of our academic programme, counselling departments, co-curricular programme and extra-curricular activities will result in our graduating students leaving us as knowledgeable, well-rounded young adults equipped with all the tools necessary to face any challenge in the real world.