BSc (Hons) Mathematics

The City University, London

MSc Investment and Finance

Queen Mary University, London

Message From The Founder & C.E.O

Education enriches the human mind. The most effective education comes from encouragement. In the modern era, it is absolutely vital for educational institutions to be adaptable to the dynamic environments they are embedded in, particularly in the face of fast-paced technological and methodological change. Furthermore, with the rise of inventions such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated software, it is inevitable for machines to start replacing the human workforce in the years approaching. So, what are those human qualities that an individual can maintain in order to counter that? The answer is simple – creativity and adaptability. Sceptre College aims to facilitate students in acquiring skills relevant to the world of tomorrow in order for them to thrive in their respective fields in the digital age.

A great deal of time and effort has been invested in putting together our prestigious and proficient faculty, the members of which come with illustrious past performances, invaluable insights and the vision of offering students meaningful learning experiences.

At Sceptre, emphasis is placed on academic achievement, soft skill development and personality grooming. Sceptre acknowledges that students enter college as adolescents but graduate as adults. Sceptre strives to shape its learners into well-informed, capable adults who will put their best foot forward as they enter the real world. Personalised attention in learning along with thorough guidance counselling will provide each student with the opportunity to evolve into a well-rounded comrade of society. Our learners will be given a memorable college experience, tailor-made for their needs, capabilities and ambitions.

Having spent a decade of my educational years in London where I completed my A Levels from one of the most prestigious colleges in the UK along with my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from reputed universities, I discovered that learning is not only about enriching the mind but also about shaping lives. Like educational institutes abroad, those in Pakistan must prepare themselves and their learners for the future. Sceptre aims to achieve that mission by providing students with all the necessary tools to compete on international fronts.

Sceptre provides students with a state-of-the-art campus entailing high premium facilities and the technological advantages of a digitised school. Virtual Reality will be incorporated into the learning process to help students visualise their syllabus content. Courses in the Sceptre Co-Curricular Programme are also offered to facilitate personality development and soft skills, aiming to shape each Sceptre student into an all-rounder with a diverse, revenue-generating skills set relevant to the needs of the Pakistani and global economies in the twenty first century. These courses are not restricted to just our A Level students – they are also open to those who wish to acquire skills in their areas of interest. Sceptre is a college that offers varied programmes aimed at developing a multitude of competencies and welcomes learners with mixed abilities from all walks of life.

We look forward to welcoming our students and respected faculty members with warm hearts and open arms. It is hoped that, together, we achieve the mission of shaping well-rounded individuals.