The Sceptre Co-Curricular Programme

The Sceptre Co-Curricular Programme offers a wide range of courses to enhance soft-skills and personality development. Each course will be taught over the passage of one academic year for two hours a week so that they can be easily adjusted into a student’s schedule. One co-curricular course is mandatory for every student to take in each academic year (AS and A2)

Advertising & Digital Marketing

This course offers an inclusive experience to students in the professional world of sales. Students will learn the process of formulating a pitch to sell to and attract prospective buyers for a specific product. Due to the rise in digitization, students will also learn to make sales online through formulating online advertisements on multiple websites.

Coding & Programming

Coding and Programming are currently the most in-demand skills across industries in the world. They are not only vital in the technology sector but also in a vast number of businesses relying on computer code. These are core skills that will increase a candidate’s chances for commanding high salaries and even be an avenue for freelance work.

Communication Skills & Personality Development

This course will polish one’s overall personality as well as speech clarity. It will prepare individuals for job interviews and build their confidence. This course is especially beneficial for public figures that are in or want to be in a position of influencing people and aim to represent themselves on public platforms. It will also brush up English Language skills and provide you with a chance to be a professional motivational speaker or a trainer.


Students can dance to express internal creativity and vitality socially. Students are acquainted with the dialect of body development that encourages self-esteem and personality. Sceptre provides a dance course that teaches different forms of dance like Hip-Hop, Jazz, Ballroom, Salsa, Bollywood, Contemporary and many more. Not only will students develop a sense of rhythm, but will also find it to be a healthy medium of physical activity.

Debate & Public Speaking

This course develops debate and public speaking skills. It will help in strengthening arguments in the debate, better speaking skills overcoming stage fright when addressing an audience and enhance critical thinking. Students will be trained in effective oral delivery, presentations, conducting debates, giving speeches and basic speaking skills.

Drama & Theatre

Students will be able to gain experience in theatre productions and present plays for audiences. Acting and directing skills will be developed for those interested in the creative arts. Theatre and drama are the origin of the best actors around the globe and can prove to be an enjoyable and fruitful experience for those who want to pursue careers in the performing arts.


This course aims to educate students wishing to be the next generation of entrepreneurs. Step-by-step guidelines of how to set up a business, from the inception of the idea to marketing the product to real consumers, will be provided to students. All candidates will be divided into teams of ten where each team will develop a business idea and execute the business plan over the course of that year. These students will be required to set up a revenue-generating company and market their products to consumers. The team that develops the best business plan at the end of the year will win a sum of investment to expand their operations of the business they set up during the course.

Fashion Design

Fashion is a large and lucrative industry with everlasting career opportunities. This course teaches students how to create and design different kinds of apparel. Renowned men’s and women’s wear designers will share their creative skills and design aesthetics with candidates of this course. Students will learn about materials, cuts, structures and color theory in order to create fashion designs. They will also learn how to style accessories and clothing trendily. Students will conduct fashion shows to display their designs for audiences as well as get a chance to sell their creations at Sceptre carnivals.

Film Making

For all film enthusiasts, this co-curricular introduces students to a world of film making and will be able to produce their own short films. The use of a camera, lights and editing equipment will be taught along with screen aesthetics. Students will learn how to capture emotions of different genres. Students will be divided into teams and provided with film-making equipment to produce their own short films which will be released online by Sceptre to showcase your work to audiences around the globe.

Fitness & Nutrition

It is vital to eat a balanced diet for maintaining wellbeing and good health. It is equally important to engage in physical activity to enhance one’s level of fitness. A Kaizen Programme course in Nutrition and Fitness would provide the student the necessary skills to impart and transfer this knowledge and technique to other individuals in terms of training. Health and fitness is rapidly growing not only in Pakistan but worldwide.


French is the official language in twenty nine countries, across five continents. It is spoken as a first language in France and parts of Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Monaco and the United States of America. It is the fourth most widely spoken language in the European Union and can prove to be a useful skill when looking for career opportunities in Europe. This course will provide students with basic and intermediate speaking and writing skills to pursue French as a second language for better international integration.


Sprechen Sie Deutsch? The language of Europe. Together with English and French, German is one of the key working languages used by the European Commission. The language of business, culture, poetry, literature, music, architecture and film. So as well as being fun, and giving you a sense of real achievement, learning to communicate fluently in German can open out many opportunities for students. We like to think our students are not only learning a language but acquiring a life-long skill.

Graphic Design & Web Development

This course will introduce students to graphic designing and enable them to communicate through digital media. With the rise of the internet, web development and social media, graphic designers are in demand. This course will teach students how to create computer-generated designs to create posts and images. Students will learn the techniques of creating graphic pictures as well as learn design aesthetics. Knowing how to develop websites is an added advantage in today’s world. Web development is in huge demand as almost every business around the globe requires a website. Website developers can work in marketing and IT firms, as well as offering freelance web development services. Furthermore, it will provide a global platform for students to put their thoughts and products in front of the world. It is a skill that will come in handy for many decades to follow.

Interior Design

Interior design course is designed for those considering a career in Interior Design and is intended to give an overview of the work of a professional designer. During the week you will develop your design skills and gain an insight into the work of an interior designer and an understanding of the skills required for a career in this exciting industry. It explores the key aspects of interior design and decoration so that students will obtain a firm understanding of the fundamentals of interior design and decoration.

Make-up & Grooming

The make-up and grooming industry is booming with career opportunities. It is a skill that is not only professionally rewarding but is also important for personal care. Students will be taught the application and techniques of make-up by renowned make-up artists. They will learn the tips and tricks of experts and will be provided with various opportunities to display their skills on models. Different styles of make-up and hair will be taught for different occasions. Upon completing this course, students will have excellent grooming skills and can go on to pursue their expertise professionally.

Mandarin (Chinese)

Chinese Language, also called Mandarin, is currently the second largest language of the world. Besides mainland China and Taiwan, its widely spoken in Singapore and Malaysia. China’s global outreach has made this language one of the most sought after skills in any part of the world. Moreover, there is a huge influx of Chinese in Pakistan to facilitate China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has made it a valuable asset on anyone’s profile. The Sceptre Kaizen Programme offers Chinese Language classes and believes this would help individuals secure lucrative job and business opportunies not only in Pakistan but across the globe.

Mixed Martial Arts & Self Defense

Students in this course will learn a mix of introductory boxing and karate skills and exercises that will not only aid in their physical fitness but will also help the students understand the vulnerable situations in which they require self-defense. Such a course also provides the student with a physical and spiritual development which ultimately leads them to live a healthy and positive lifestyle.


Where words fail, music speaks. Not only is music great for the soul but is also a rewarding profession with the expansion of the entertainment industry around the globe. Students will be familiarized with musical instruments and different elements of music. Students can choose to specialize in a wide variety of musical implements like guitar (acoustic and electronic), drums, piano, violin, singing, turntables and other sound mixing and voice recording instruments. These students will then go on to create bands and conduct music concerts at Sceptre.

Philosophy & Politics

The political world is ever-changing and making headlines. Developing an understanding of political structures, students will critically analyse and interpret the country’s largest democratic processes and systems. Politics is so much more than the House of Commons or a General Election every five years. Politics is how we act, how we think and what we do. Having an in-depth understanding of this unique subject is sure to set you on the right path for success in any walk of life.


This course offers students the opportunity to learn different photography techniques. Students will be taught how to take photographs of various subjects, genres and themes. The setting and lighting aesthetics of photography will be taught along with picture development in a dark room. Students will also learn about Photoshop and other modern image enhancing techniques. The best works of students will be displayed at art and photography exhibitions conducted by Sceptre College.

Science of Happiness

We often set the bar too high for ourselves, get stressed, find a release only to get stressed again. The constant pressures keep adding on. The need to do well often results in frustrations and self-defeating messages, which eventually lead to anger, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, academic difficulties, and a bunch of unhappy youngsters we can’t afford to have. Sceptre believes in their students to do better by believing in themselves better. It is the only College in Karachi offering this self-help course. The course has been customized for Sceptre students with a more well-rounded and enjoyable approach to self-improvement through fun interactive group sessions, games, astrological profiles, visual meditations, music therapy, journaling, yoga, color therapy to name a few. By the end of the year if you can think better, reason better, and choose better, the science of happiness would then mean owning your personal power and realizing that this is the guidance that will stay with you as you navigate through life and various careers decisions. Nothing can reap higher rewards than a healthy mind constantly striving for self-improvement.