Academic Advisor

Sceptre College

Message From The Academic Advisor

As an academic advisor my key role is promoting students’ sense of belonging to an academic community and supporting their development as a successful learner within Sceptre College and beyond.

Academic guidance would include the following:

  • development of a student’s  conceptions of learning, study skills  and  critical self-awareness
  • providing and encouraging      supportive relations between teaching  staff and students
  • providing a holistic perspective on a  student’s progress across the Alevel  modules within their programme.
  • supporting subject selection by  students keeping their future options in  mind.
  • reviewing students’ academic  progress including reviewing a  student’s understanding of feedback  on assessments received
  • identifying students strengths and  weaknesses and discussing the overall  academic performance of each student
  • helping students to assess how they  are meeting the A-level programme’s  learning outcomes.
  • if the need arises intervene if there’s      noticeable DECLINE in marks/grades or   ATTENDANCE
  • intervening if behavioral or academic   problems occur
  • connecting students with resources  such as counsellors or teaching faculty  members when the need arises
  • encouraging students from the  beginning of the term to engage with a  range of developmental activities,  relevant internships, work experience  etc. to enhance their individual personal  portfolios
  • in addition advising and discussing  with students their future career goals  and college/university application.

Concluding, for me academic guidance  is an extremely important part of a  student’s experience at Sceptre  College and one associated with overall  academic improvement, academic  success and future career guidance.

Warm regards,