Message From The Head of Counselling

Dear Students,

As head of University Counselling, I wish to stress the tremendous importance of counselling for university admissions. With years of experience in the field, one needs to understand that counselling is a doorway to universities across the world. Students are guided by counsellors according to their requirements and aspirations. This kind of help comes with sincerity sans bias to aid our students in making correct decisions, keeping in mind their desired career paths. Therefore, I encourage every student to make the most of such a priceless opportunity during their time in the A-Level programme.

HOD Counselling Department

misha agha
misha agha

Message From The Personal Counsellor

Personal counselling is an opportunity to receive support and experience growth during challenging times in life. Personal counselling can help students deal with many challenges occurring in life such as anger, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, relationship issues, body image and self-esteem issues, academic difficulties, peer pressure, career decisions, or any obstacle that hinders individual growth.

College is an exciting time of learning and growth but the academic and social pressures can cause intermittent periods of stress for students. Our personal counsellor is here to help ensure a positive college experience for all our students and encourage personal growth throughout their time at Sceptre College.

Personal Counsellor
Sceptre College

Sir Arsalan
Sir Arsalan

Message From The Sports Counsellor

The purpose of Sports counselling is to link and manage a student’s personal, academic and athletic potential. Rather than focusing single-mindedly on game-time performance, counselling also takes a holistic point of view and considers an individual’s overall mental well-being and psycho-emotional needs.
Sports counselling at Sceptre College is about improving a student’s attitude & mental game skills to help the individual perform his/her best by identifying key areas & embracing a healthier philosophy about a particular sport.
The importance of sports counselling is vital at Sceptre College to ensure our top sports students pick a university that will allow them to play the sport of their choosing and secure the highest possible scholarship according to their potential in that particular sport.

Sports Counsellor, Sceptre College


University Counselling

Sceptre is a young institution which came into existence with the vision to provide the latest, most modern facilities in education to students equivalent to those abroad. In accordance, university counselling was set up to ease the process of admitting students into their desired universities. Our counselling team works diligently towards this goal. Students are guided towards making correct choices, with representatives of various universities around the world visiting Sceptre to provide information regarding their universities. The counselling office prepares all necessary documents, such as transcripts and recommendations. Guidance is also provided to students to make them understand what comprises good essay writing.
Counselling in a short time has become Sceptre’s strength, having sent students successfully to countries such as Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Turkey and others thus, Sceptre has kept its promise of providing the best to students. University Counselling is one such promise. The highlight of the 2019/2020 academic year was a student being awarded a US $96,500 scholarship from a university in America. We hope students continue to benefit from our counselling efforts for many more years to come.