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At Sceptre College, we believe that all individuals are leaders in their respective lives. Our ethos is premised on responsibility, empathy and the hunger to succeed. Sceptre opens its learners to the opportunity to put their best foot forward in an increasingly competitive and globalised world. With technological advancement being at its peak in today’s era, educational institutes must transform in order to adapt with the fast-paced changes occurring in the environments they are embedded in. Students will emerge from Sceptre as well-rounded adults with the readiness, confidence and independence necessary to take on any challenge presented to them in the real world. Being in a nation that needs to develop significantly, Sceptre envisions its alumni as the flagbearers of the socio-cultural, economic, political, technological and environmental change that Pakistan needs..

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The Sceptre Co-Curricular Programme

We offer a wide range of courses to enhance soft-skills and personality development

Student Testimonials

Let's take a look at what some of our graduates have to say about their study experiences at Sceptre College!

M. Sameer Mubeen

Sameer Mubeen

Class of 2019

I completed my AS Level year from a different college and due to some reasons I decided to change my college. Changing colleges midway during A-Level is a tough decision to make. I made my decision and I chose Sceptre College because of its amazing faculty, state of the art campus with some of the best facilities, an excellent academic programme, and a wide range of extracurricular activities.
Sceptre helped me discover myself as a person and through its Entrepreneurship co-curricular course, I was able to be part of one group which helped me build my confidence, communication skills and taught me how to present my business idea to investors. This led my group to win all the investment rounds in the course, which enabled us to start our own business.
At Sceptre every member of the administration and faculty are amazing and supportive and some of the best people I have met.
Choosing Sceptre for my final A-Level year was a very tough decision, and I couldn’t be happier that I did.

Muhammad Usama

Muhammad Ussama

Class of 2019

It was a great experience, making new friends and adjusting to a different environment. It did take some time and effort to adjust but it was an amazing experience overall. It was a risky decision to be a part of Sceptre College as it had just been established and people didn’t recommend me to be a part of it. Sceptre is a spectacular institution with a wide variety of co-curricular courses. The faculty members of Sceptre were supportive as they always helped me in achieving good grades. Sceptre is not only perfect in terms of academics but also it helped in grooming my personality and polishing my sports skills. Sceptre has some of the best counsellors in town as they helped us in giving us direction to pursue our careers. Now I am currently in Szabist and proud to have once been a part of such a worthy institution as Sceptre College.

Muhammad Jan

Muhammad Jan

Class of 2019

I did my AS Level from a different institute but due to some reasons, I was not satisfied with my overall experience there so I decided to transfer to Sceptre College. Despite Sceptre being a newly introduced college, it managed to build up its reputation by hosting an experienced faculty.
Sceptre provided me with a platform to enhance myself in various aspects of life. I was elected as the house captain in the student council election. Being part of the council uplifted my confidence and improved my communication skills.
Sceptre gave me an opportunity to be a part of an entrepreneurship society which helped me build my career and achieve my goals. I joined sceptre as a beginner and it helped me transform into the CEO of my own business.
My experience at Sceptre was overwhelming. I’m glad I chose this college as not only did it help me improve in studies, it also helped me become a better version of myself. I am proud to be a Sceptre College alumnus, currently studying BS Entrepreneurship from IOBM.

Fatima Moiz

Fatima Moiz

Class of 2019

Switching colleges halfway through my A-Level years was a perilous step to take. After completing my AS Level year from a different college, due to faculty incompetence, I made the decision to change colleges and chose Sceptre. Sceptre intrigued me for multiple reasons, mainly because of its highly qualified faculty, beautiful campus, and a wide variety of Extra-Curricular activities to be a part of.
In its first student council elections, I put my name forward as a nominee for Head girl only because the Sceptre management made me believe in myself and gave me confidence and support.
The faculty at Sceptre is amazing, has helped me improve my grades in all 3 of my A-Level Subjects. When I left Sceptre, I was fully nurtured and ready to be enrolled into an institution of higher learning and hence began the next stage of my academic life.
Now, I am a student of a renowned university, ‘SZABIST’ and I am a proud alumna of Sceptre College.

Ajwah Abbas

Ajwah Abbas

Class of 2019

I was previously enrolled in a different A-Level institution and due to lack of resources, un-qualified faculty and poor management, I decided to switch to Sceptre for A2 level and it was worth it!
I chose Sceptre because of its top-notch, highly qualified and professional faculty, state of the art campus, extra-curricular activities, scholarship opportunities and its facilities. During my year at Sceptre, I was a part of the student council, which boosted my self-confidence and leadership qualities. Previously, I had average grades but the one-on-one sessions with faculty and the associate teachers helped me gain better insight into subject-related queries. I studied the German language as a co-curricular subject with one of the best faculty members in town. The university counsellors at Sceptre were extremely helpful in providing me with options to choose a university ahead.
My experience at Sceptre overall has been phenomenal. I’m thankful to the whole team who shaped me into the person I am today. Currently, I’m looking forward to studying in Germany and pursuing my dream of becoming a software engineer.

Zubaid Muazzam

Zubaid Moazzam

Class of 2019

I did my AS-Level from a different college and due to some academic reasons, I had to switch college. Sceptre attracted me a lot for multiple reasons, mainly its state-of-the-art campus, the amazing teaching faculty and a wide variety of Extra-Curricular activities to choose from.
Sceptre opened a lot of doors for me and it helped me discover myself as a person. In the student council elections, I put my name forward as a nominee for Head Boy and was subsequently elected. Being the Head boy, I had to go out of my comfort zone and learned how to develop interpersonal relationships with the Administration, students and faculty alike. Sceptre gave me an opportunity to take part in its Annual Theatre Play, as well as being a member of the debating society.
When I left Sceptre, I came out as a whole new person, ready and groomed to be part of a professional institute. All in all, my experience at Sceptre was unparalleled and like none other. Here I stand currently doing MBBS from Ziauddin Medical College and a proud representative of Sceptre College.

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