More than two millennia ago, the Ancient Greeks posited that colours, tastes and smells are a realm of appearances. In other words, what we sense is tangible. The truth is that atoms and cells form the building blocks of our tangible surroundings. Chemistry is the study of the elements and compounds formed by atoms and molecules. The aim of Chemistry is to logically explain the physical and chemical nature of things and find, through research, newer discoveries in the chemical realm. Chemistry, therefore, is a subject that changes how societies function and progress.

Course Objectives and Content

A Level Chemistry builds on concepts learnt in the subject in O Levels in an in-depth and extensive manner. Studying A Level Chemistry will train students to work like chemists, demanding logical explanations for chemical phenomena rather than relying on unproven information. Through this subject, students will also learn the application of knowledge to a variety of real-life contexts.

A Level Chemistry offered at Sceptre College covers fundamental theories on the subject, contemporary applications of chemistry and practical experimentation. This course focuses not only on the acquisition of knowledge related to Chemistry but also on the understanding and application of concepts in unfamiliar scenarios.

Skills Addressed
Critical thinking
Creativity skills

Future Prospects

A level Chemistry is a prerequisite course for degrees in science subjects such as Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Medicine, Chemistry, Dentistry, Veterinary Science or Natural Sciences Physics at the university level. The course also holds credits for subjects such as Philosophy and Law which require sound critical thinking abilities.

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Exam Board and Specification Code: Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry 9701