The roots of A Level Art and Design, a contemporary subject, can be traced back to the times of early man who communicated through parietal art (cave paintings). Studying A Level Art and Design allows students to appreciate artistic language, various art forms and mediums, and communicate ideas through creative expression. The course is studio-based and practical in nature, allowing learners to hone visual observation, self-expression and creativity skills.

Course Objectives and Content

Art and Design are aimed at developing the learner’s aesthetic abilities in a practical, studio environment using Google Tilt Brush technology, an advanced creative learning tool introduced in Karachi for the first time.
Students will be familiarised with a range of artistic techniques, mediums of expression and materials on 2-D media such as drawing, painting and printmaking, to name a few. Ideas will be researched and developed in light of specific contexts studied from various information sources, the expression of which will be developed into a portfolio over time using a suitable combination of methods, materials and media. Concepts, observations and understandings pertaining to the student’s chosen topic or theme will be recorded as well. A student-centered approach will be used to guide instruction and technical supervision. Studying the course leads to a final assessment with components which include graded coursework and external Cambridge assessments.

Skills Addressed

Future Prospects

Studying Art at A-Level is an ideal prerequisite to pursue undergraduate degrees or courses in Fine Art, Architecture, Fashion Design, Communication Design, Textile Design, Photography, Advertising and Product Design (a sub-field of Marketing).

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Exam Board and Specification Code: Cambridge International AS and A Level Art and Design 9479