Physics is a thrilling intellectual exploration for young people which delves into the study of the natural order of things. Physics alerts us to the rudimentary knowledge necessary for technological progress which drives economic development and growth to the world over. The study of Physics facilitates technological groundwork and provides the qualified personnel needed to conduct scientific research. Physics is an important component of study in the sciences, engineering and computing fields. A physicist has the power to improve man’s quality of life through the implementation of the latest scientific discoveries.

Course Objectives and Content

The course will build up your fundamental learning and comprehension in material science and the utilizations of material science in new and evolving circumstances. You’ll develop an understanding of the connection between theory and experiment, and you’ll acknowledge how material science is utilized as a part of present day society. A Level subject choices with Physics include: Chemistry and Mathematics; Physics, Economics and Mathematics; Physics, Art and Mathematics.
The course incorporates the study of power, attraction, powers, fields, movement and the wildernesses of physics and different subjects. Students are given the chance to build up their interest as they advance through the course, where the emphasis is on understanding the ideas taught. Lesson time is separated between practical and theory work.

Skills Addressed
Critical thinking

Future Prospects

Students that have completed A Level physics are able to choose from degrees in various fields from architecture to mechanics. Students can pursue careers in Mechanics, Veterinary science and Pharmacy alongside many more in the future
Exam Board and Specification Code: Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics 9702