We live in the digital age in which ‘robot humans’ operated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) can perform what the only man could a little over a decade ago. Who would have ever thought of driverless cars, automated systems and ‘borderless’ communication in the mid to late twentieth century? One invention has revolutionized the way our world works – the computer. Inventions and innovations in the field of Computer Science and Technology have opened us to a sea of possibilities. Had it not been for the computer, the internet, websites and smartphones probably would not have come into inception. To enter the fascinating world of computers, the study of computer science, thus, has become a necessity.

Course Objectives and Content

The Cambridge International AS and A Level Computer Science course aim to engage learners in understanding the fundamentals of computer science and technology work in diverse contexts.

The A-Level Computer Science syllabus covers topics such as information representation, communication, the internet, hardware, software and database modelling. Students will also learn to consider ethical issues and practices in the field of computer technology.

Students will learn about the principles of computer science, hardware, software, different types of data and data structures, encryption, databases, algorithms, web technologies and networks. They will also acquire the ability of computational thinking and learn how to develop computer-based solutions using algorithms and computer programming languages. Students will consider complex problems and deconstruct them into their composite parts to arrive at their solutions.

Skills Addressed
Critical thinking

Future Prospects

Students who complete A-Level Computer Science have the advantage of entering a diverse range of highly demanded professions in today’s world and the future. They can go on to study for degrees in Computer Science, Data Analytics, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering and computing or IT-related courses. Studying A-Level Computer Science leads to career opportunities relevant to the digital age such as coding and programming, web development, software engineering and others.

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Exam Board and Specification Code: Cambridge International AS and A Level Computer Science 9618