Ikea, a Swedish company, is the world’s largest furniture manufacturer and retailer. However, the business failed in the Japanese market. Research in Motion (RIM), the inventor of what was once the world’s most popular mobile phone called the Blackberry, suffered massive losses. Small start-ups turn into multinationals. How and why do businesses experience such changes? A Level Business is a subject that will help answer these questions. Of all A-Level subjects, Business is, perhaps, one of the most practical and holistic in nature. It alerts learners to business models, theories and techniques to understand the interrelatedness of business in today’s era.

Course Objectives and Content

This subject is geared towards helping learners understand the nature and scope of businesses and their roles in the societies they serve. Students are also taught to consider and critically analyse how organizations respond to their dynamic internal and external business environments. Learners examine how organizations are managed and the decision-making process in rapidly changing business environments.

A Level Business introduces students to business theories and concepts drawn from Economics, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Business Ethics. The content of the subject is designed to capture students’ interest in and develop their understanding of contemporary, relevant business concepts and problems. Apart from common business functions, this course covers the latest developments in the corporate world along with the impact that globalization has on businesses. The types, nature and objectives of businesses. Understandings of business theories, concepts and problems are applied to different scenarios called case studies.

Skills Addressed
Quantitative skills

Future Prospects

After completing A Level Business, students can go on to pursue degrees in Business Management, Economics and Finance and take on the professions of managers in various kinds of organizations, entrepreneurs and corporate policymakers.

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Exam Board and Specification Code: Cambridge International AS and A Level Business 9609