Travel and Tourism

The idea of travelling is one that is appreciated and fascinated by every individual due to the opportunity of immersing oneself in an environment unique to their own. Travel and tourism has great importance in the modern society since it promotes cultural awareness amongst individuals, allowing them to appreciate unknown cultures besides their own.

Course Objectives and Content

The A level course of Travel and Tourism is suitable for both Cambridge International A Level candidates and for those seeking a more specialized study of this subject. The course aids candidates in understanding why and how travel and tourism is important through recognizing its positive and negative impacts on cultural societies, environments and economies.

Through studying this course, students will learn about the dynamic nature of the travel and tourism industry and how it responds to change, e.g. external factors such as demographic changes around the world.  The syllabus encourages students to develop a sense of appreciation towards the tourism and travel industry by highlighting its importance in the industrial world.

Skills Addressed
Knowledge & features of travel & tourism industry
Customer service
Planning and managing a travel and tourism event
Market research and analysis
Destination brand
Impact of tourism development

Future Prospects

The skills gained in this course allows students to further their study in university disciplines like business and journalism. This can lead to numerous career possibilities for students in the future ranging from a sales executive to a travel journalist/vlogger.
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Exam Board and Specification Code: Cambridge International AS and A Level Travel and Tourism 9395