Cells are the building blocks of organic evolution. It is a fascinating reality that cells form muscle tissue, organs and bones in living organisms and have the unique ability to regenerate. The human body is made up of an average of 37 trillion cells though its function is controlled by a simple genetic code and it can be destroyed by a harmful DNA called a virus. Biology has an extensive scope which makes it an exciting subject to study. Biology is a dynamic course whereby learners are alerted to new and fascinating discoveries as scientific research progresses.

Course Objectives and Content

A level Biology aims to develop a learner’s understanding of the natural world and the application of such understandings in real-life scenarios.

A Level Biology provides students with in-depth knowledge of the subject’s important themes in theory along with practical mastery. A Level Biology is a mix of Biochemistry, Physiology and Ecology covering topics related to cells and DNA, biochemical processes, the natural selection process and organisms in their environment, and observation and experiment. Students taking this subject will do theoretical coursework assignments and practically apply their understandings. The learner will be assessed in theory through a paper-based exam and practical lab experiments at the end of the course.

Skills Addressed
Inferential skills

Future Prospects

A-Level Biology is mostly studied along with other Science courses such as Physics and Chemistry. Completing the subject can lead to the pursuit of university qualifications in Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacology, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Sports Science, Veterinary Science, Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry, Geology, Environmental Science and Forensics. Biology is ideal to study if one wishes to enter clinical or healthcare fields among others.

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Exam Board and Specification Code: Cambridge International AS and A Level Biology 9700