Diversity is the art of thinking independently together. The world consists of a vast number of diverse human societies with various cultural and political issues. The concept of society is as ancient as the world itself. Sociology is the study of social awareness, current trends, development, family, education, religion and media.

Course Objectives and Content

A Level Sociology provides essential understanding and knowledge of sociological theories and methods. The subject carries out research techniques to analyse households, families, religion and education in order to understand different cultures and backgrounds. Sociology students learn how to compare and contrast different societies as well as investigate the rapid changes occurring in the world today.
Sociology helps students form a relationship between public theory and practical everyday life. It evaluates research methods to address issues with development, planning and implementation. The impact of religious movements and media representation is addressed to students in order to highlight their effects on human thinking and behaviour. In this course, students will gain insights on age structures, family roles, social identity, inequality and other global issues.

Skills Addressed
Building a relationship between theory and methods
Understanding sociological perspective
Understanding sociological perspective
Awareness and application of sociological principles
Comparing different theoretical positions
Applying social findings to everyday life

Future Prospects

A-Level Sociology is a valuable foundation subject due to the wide range of social aspects it covers and provides a variety of academic skills based on critical thinking skills. Sociology students can go on to study and pursue their careers in various mediums such as Social Policy Making, Law, Journalism, Teaching, Social Work and The Civil Services amongst many others.
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Exam Board and Specification Code: Cambridge International AS and A Level Sociology (9699)