Further Mathematics

Further mathematics is an additional building block offered to students who have a great interest in mathematics. It aids in maximizing the analytical and numeracy skill already present in students that have a great control over mathematics allowing them to reach their full potential.

Course Objectives and Content

The A Level Further Mathematics course aims to instill confidence and vocabulary among-st students to conceptualize and identify the different mathematical links through exploring the concept of mathematics in greater depth. The growth in further mathematics is increased through its key concepts of Mathematical Modelling—creation and application and problem-solving.
The A Level Further Mathematics syllabus consists of advanced branches of mathematics such as Further Mechanics, Further Statistics and Probability generating functions. The given syllabus acts as a perfect form for students to further develop their mathematical skills and ability to analyze problems logically.

Skills Addressed
Problem Solving
Develop mathematical knowledge
Analyze problems logically
Application of mathematics in the context of everyday situations of other subjects
Understanding of mathematical principles and appreciation of mathematics as a Logical and Coherent subject

Future Prospects

Students who study A Level Further Mathematics can extend their study in a university in similar disciplines such as, Statistics, Engineering and Mathematics.
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Exam Board and Specification Code: Cambridge International AS and A Level Further Mathematics 9694