Rote memorisation is a thing of the past. Higher order thinking skills have now become essential learning skills in the twenty-first century. UNESCO has rated Critical Thinking as the first most important skill for learners to develop through formal education. Thinkers, ultimately, become the positive change that societies need.

Course Objectives and Content

Thinking Skills is a subject with an overarching impact on multiple disciplines. The aim of the course is for students to learn how to analyse a diverse range of familiar and unfamiliar problems, devise problem-solving strategies and arrive at alternative solutions. In this subject, students learn to examine issues objectively and from different perspectives. Students also learn how to make informed, rational decisions and build arguments based on factual evidence. This course hones the ability to think independently and develops self-assurance of opinion.

Skills Addressed
Critical thinking

Future Prospects

A Level Thinking Skills equips students with the higher order thinking essential to pursue more complex subjects across various disciplines and pursue professions in research, academic or field work. Students who complete this course can go on to pursue research-based degrees, leading them to become researchers in whichever field they are interested in. Owing to the all-encompassing nature of the subject, students will have the advantage of thinking ‘outside the box’ and understanding others’ points of view in their respective careers.
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Exam Board and Specification Code: Cambridge International AS and A Level Thinking Skills 9694