Language is a significant representation of a country’s identity and every nation demands that oddity. In a culturally rich country like Pakistan, which consists of different languages being spoken in different provinces, Urdu creates a sense of national cohesion. Having a strong grasp of our national language will help students with being able to communicate in Urdu confidently as well as read and write proficiently.

Course Objectives and Content

A Level Urdu aims to equip students with strong communication, vocal and theoretical skills. The subject will help students understand and respond to texts and literary works written in Urdu, which will be derived from national magazines, reports, newspapers and books. This will not only equip students with a strong grasp on Urdu as a language but also enhance their cultural, social and political understanding. Students will also become familiar with different Pakistani communities along with gaining insights into the culture and contemporary society of Pakistan
Urdu A Level students will learn how to manipulate the language accurately in written and spoken forms and structure their essays accordingly. Students will learn how to answer comprehension questions, write summaries and translate texts from English into Urdu. Students will get to explore renowned works such as Ghazlein by the likes of Ghalib, Nazmein by the likes of Faiz and Umrao Jan Ada.

Skills Addressed
Urdu Language proficiency
Urdu communication skills
Analytical skills

Future Prospects

An A Level in Urdu is accepted as proof of linguistic ability and dialectal understanding for universities and employers. Not only is it a suitable basis for the study of Urdu or other languages in higher education, but also a complimenting subject for any other field of education present. Students can progress on to careers related to teaching, public speaking, writing, journalism and politics amongst several other opportunities in Pakistan.
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Exam Board and Specification Code: Cambridge International AS and A Level Urdu 9686