Accountancy often described as “the art of recording business transactions”, is an age-old social science entailing numeracy and writing. Accountants were demanded even in primitive times to record trade transactions.

Course Objectives and Content

A Level Accounting enhances a learner’s knowledge and understanding of the purposes of accounting and its application to real-life accounting and financial issues. It is an introduction to the foundations of global accounting principles, financial statement analysis and the understanding the changes to them.

In Accounting, students will learn about accounting concepts, the art of double-entry bookkeeping, drawing up of financial statements for various types of businesses, financial analysis, budgeting and costing among other topics. The impact of ICT in accounting practices will also be taught. What is also exciting about this subject is that it offers learners the advantage to apply their understanding of the subject to their practical lives.

Skills Addressed
Critical thinking

Future Prospects

Completing A Level Accounting will allow you to study a diverse range of courses in the fields of Business, Accounting and Finance, Business Computing and Economics university level. Completing this A Level subject will allow you to study a diverse range of courses at reputable universities. These include Business Finance; Business Computing and many others. Studying Accounting is also an asset if you wish to pursue a career in Accountancy or Business Management.

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Exam Board and Specification Code: Cambridge International AS and A Level Accounting 9706