It is no mystery that Media Studies is a subject that focuses on communicating with people. A media person investigates, writes about, interviews, meets people, and people are everywhere. We cannot imagine a life without newspapers, magazines, televisions, and social media in the present day and age. Being informed on what happens around us, near and far, has become a necessity. Clearly, the media business is highly demanded with a very wide cope in every contemporary society and context imaginable.

Course Objectives and Content

Students explore how the media works inside societal settings and how they themselves can comprehend the place of media in the society. These societal settings can incorporate historical, economic, social, cultural, and political points of view. Media Studies encourages the understanding and basic assessment of new and old media advances; the centrality of media in governmental issues, financial matters, social life, and worldwide and neighbourhood culture; and the contemporary and historical effect of media on people and social orders
The program underscores a few interrelated ways to deal with the study of media: multidisciplinary points of view derived from art, humanities, and social and regular sciences; the study of different types of correspondence and the portrayal of information; critical inquiry into how media shape our understandings of reality; examination of worldwide media, indigenous, and oppositional media structures; and reasonable work in media generation and the utilization of media advancements

Skills Addressed
Technical skills
Critical Thinking

Future Prospects

The skills gained on a media studies degree, combined with personal determination, will help students to succeed in the competitive creative industries. Students will be able to pursue degrees linked to the fields of Media, Communications, Film and Journalism.
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Exam Board and Specification Code: Cambridge International AS and A Level Media Studies 9607