Mathematics is the basic building block for everything around us and mathematic discovery has been at the forefront of every civilised society, from the primitive times to the modern technological age of today. Mathematics is the science of logic and teaches individuals that every problem has a solution.

Course Objectives and Content

The A Level Mathematics course is intended to urge students to build up a comprehension of science and numerical procedures. A Level Mathematics gives students an intensive establishment in the scientific instruments and procedures frequently required in the working environment. Considering the rationale and thinking aptitudes created by students, A Level Mathematics ensure the qualification is broadly respected even in non-numerical fields. Common A Level subject choices with Mathematics include: Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics; Mathematics, Biology and Physics and numerous more decisions.
A Level Mathematics offers learners with a decent comprehension of Mathematics the opportunity to study it at a much higher level. It gives a careful establishing in the numerical instruments and procedures frequently required in the work environment. The application of such procedures incorporates variable-based Mathematics, Geometry, Trigonometry and Analytics which collectively shape the essential elements of the subject.

Skills Addressed
Critical thinking
Analytical skills

Future Prospects

Students that study A-Level mathematics have a wide range of courses that they can study in university. These include Mathematics and Statistics, Mechanical Engineering and many more.
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Exam Board and Specification Code: Cambridge International AS and A Level Mathematics 9709