Experiential Learning – Virtual Reality (VR)

Sceptre provides students with the advantage to visualize their course material in a three dimensional environment using virtual reality technology. Experiential Learning is vital in today’s day and age because it offers students assignments and activities based on real-life situations that engage them in reflective, practical and data driven problem-solving through first-hand experience. Sceptre will provide students with Oculus Rift goggles to engage them in a highly intense virtual reality experience and will present complex data to students in an accessible way. Students will enjoy being able to interact with objects in their particular environments of interest via VR sensors. For example, Biology students will develop surgery simulation by being able to enter the human body, scan and shift through bones, muscles, organs, etc. Students will be able to deconstruct bones or move organs/objects using their hands; the experience will be visualized through the 3-D goggles, but students will be interacting in the 3-D environment in real time. All other subjects will be provided with their relevant VR content which will include visiting planets and countries and engaging with objects within them, painting using the Google Tilt Brush, and even interacting with people from different eras in a 3-D space. Furthermore, students can earn extra ‘fun’ credits in their classes to be awarded VR video gaming time slots on the Oculus Rift machines for recreational purposes. We live in an increasingly tech-savy world, and education must progress on to using interactive instructional technologies to help enrich learning experiences.